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The Best Alaska Fishing Lodges

By Robbie Darmona

Alaska is considered to be the perfect place for fishing. The wildlife is various and there are a lot of water areas where great diversity of fish species lives together. Alaska is famous as a region, where salmon fishing can be practiced. Salmon fishing is unique and it can be done mainly on the shores of Alaska, which attract many enthusiasts to try their luck. For the convenience of the anglers, Alaska offers great tourist overnight accommodations, called fishing lodges. Alaska fishing lodges can be the perfect place for your holiday, and very affordable too. Here are the most popular Alaska fishing lodges where many fishermen come to stay a couple of weeks.

Alaska Fishing Lodge- Custom Adventures.
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Wilderness Place Lodge is situated on five private acres right on Lake Creek, its location being 70 miles northwest of Anchorage. Their lodge offers the best relaxing activities and great opportunities for adventurous salmon fishing, as well as courses in fly-fishing, world class fishing, personal and professional fishing guides. Let alone the gourmet 5-course meals, the hotel’s amenities and the luxurious accommodations at the meanest price- this fishing lodge offers you also the biggest opportunity to overreach your fishing standards as it is located only minutes from the best fishing place in southcentral Alaska. Their lodge also features some of the best spin and fly fishing in Alaska. In addition, you can get your adventure packages for all kinds of Alaska salmon (King, Silver, Pink, Chum and Sockeye), and also tickets for rainbow trout.

The second Alaska fishing lodge on offer is . Their Alaska fishing lodge can be found 40 miles away from the town King Salmon Alaska, which is world famous for the great fishing there. Alaska Adventures Fishing Lodge is situated in the centre of Katmai National park. It offers bountiful fishing opportunities for all the 5 salmon species, including rainbow trout, arctic char and grayling. The place for fishing stands only 40 yards from the hotel, and you have the chance of going on a trip before breakfast and after dinner. You can spend 20 hours a day fishing, if you like, and it is not necessary to fight for the water with other anglers, as there are no other fishing lodges within 34 river miles and no landing place within 20 miles. And that can ensure your big catch. Their Alaska Adventures Fishing Lodge can host 20 guests, each fishing lodge cabin accommodating from 2 to 4 people. The hotel amenities consist of dining and serving room, recreation area, the hotel offers Alaska traditional wood sauna, also hot showers and flush toilets, as well as TV, DVD and satellite phone.

The third Alaska fishing lodge to be presented here is World-Class Trophy Alaska- Salmon Fishing and Arctic Char. The site for additional information is
This fantastic place is reachable only on boat. The quietness and serenity offered are immense- there are no roads and airports in the district. Another way for getting there is by using the Austin’s tours.
Their lodge is situated on the banks of the Golsovia River, only 300 yards from the river mouth. The river itself is located on Norton Sound on the shores of the Bering Sea. The waters teem with King, Silver, Chum and Pink Salmon. Arctic Char can also be easily run against, when passing by your lure, just having swum from the pure ocean. The striking situation of the lodge –its nearness to the ocean- offers immense opportunities for a real big catch. Daily quantity exceeds 30-40 during the summer (June till August being the peak time). But the owners are also trying to preserve the wildlife, and after the reaching of limits, the catch-and-release technique is practised.
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Going Deep For Alaska Salmon Fishing

By Andrew Kasch

If you are planning an Alaska vacation in order to do some fishing, you are no doubt going to be in for some of the best fishing of your life. One thing that you should absolutely try whenever you're in the state is some salmon fishing. This can be done in a lot of different ways and most people tend to hire a guide in order to check out some of the local streams and even to be flown in to remote areas. While you're here, however, you should make sure that you plan at least one day where you are going to be doing some Alaska salmon fishing in the ocean.

The salmon will spend most of its life in the ocean and the only time it will return to the freshwater is whenever it is running in to breed. Some of the best salmon fishing that you will ever have, can be done in the salt water, especially whenever the salmon are running. Almost any breed of salmon can be caught in the ocean and the experience of being out on a charter boat, catching these fish can certainly add to the overall enjoyment of your vacation.

One thing that you will want to make sure that you do is to hire a charter boat in order to do your saltwater salmon fishing. It is possible to rent and to go out on your own but this can be hazardous, especially if you're not familiar with the oceans of Alaska. Not only that, the salmon are more spread out and they can be difficult to find where they are running unless you are experienced in the area. By hiring a charter, you will almost guarantee your success and a great day out on the water. Not only that, they will have most of the equipment that is necessary in order for you to enjoy a great day out on the water.

Of course, you may also want to spend a little bit of time inland fishing as well. Whenever the salmon runs are going on in the summer and early fall, the fishing onshore can be nothing short of phenomenal. Whenever the silver salmon are running, you can see them jumping almost constantly in the bay and it is relatively easy to land one while standing on shore. I usually advise anglers to try as many different types of salmon fishing whenever they are in the state. After all, it is not every day that you get to travel this far in order to do some fishing.

By including some deep sea Alaska salmon fishing in your schedule, you will round out your fishing vacation and give yourself an opportunity to really enjoy your stay in this unique state. There are plenty of charters that are available but make sure that you book yours well in advance because they can get fairly busy during the season.

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Fishing Salmon in Alaska

Alaska has a well developed tourism sector that welcomes thousands of anglers from all over the world each year. Since Alaska is such a huge land area with a long coast line and numerous streams and rivers, you can still enjoy secluded wildlife fishing without having to venture into crowds of other fishermen.

Sport fishers that travel to Alaska will typically purchase an all-inclusive trip since this means that they can focus entirely on fishing and waste no time looking for accommodations, worrying about logistics and searching for restaurants while being far away from any town. Since many parts of Alaska is inaccessible by ordinary cars, finding a fishing trip arranger that can provide you with small catered airplanes, off-road vehicles and fishing boats is a very good idea. Having someone else taking care of the meal arrangements when you are off in the wilderness is also appreciated by many sport fishers.

When you begin to shop around for a trip adviser you should ideally compare many different trip arrangers before you select one. Take advantage of the Internet and compare prices and services online, and don’t hesitate to send e-mails or call different companies to find out about details that are important to you. When you look around for a trip arranger, it can be useful to keep in mind that Alaska is divided into six regions: Southwest Alaska, Southeast Alaska, Alaska Interior, South Central, the Kenai Peninsula, and the Kodiak region. Southwest Alaska is where you will find the large Bristol Bay; an area very popular among sport fishers. Southeast Alaska will contain fishing destinations such as the Price of Wales Island, while Alaska Interior is where you should go if you want to enjoy fishing in the Copper River. South Central is situated next to the Prince William Sound, and the Kenai Peninsula is of course the region in which you will find the Kenai River. Finally, the Kodiak region is where you can fish salmon in the famous River Kodiak.

If you really want to splash out during your Alaska salmon fishing your can choose one of the exclusive private islands where you will enjoy first-rate accommodation, supreme restaurants and even be pampered with saunas and steam rooms after a long day of fishing. Others prefer a more rough and traditional way of life during their fishing trip, and enjoy the quite life of a simple hut far away from any signs of civilization. Chop your own wood and create a cosy fire, cook the catch of the day on the old-fashion stove and spend the evening in candle light or watching the stars far away from any stressful urban dwellings.

When you research the different accommodation alternatives, it is important to find out how many people they can accommodate. Some private Alaskan trip organisers will only be able to receive a few individuals, which makes them a great alternative if you are travelling alone or with a small company, but less suitable if you are a part of a large group.

Alaska Fishing Lodge - Stoney River Lodge

Sleetmute, Alaska is a little town of 100 or so people and is near one of the great fishing locations in Alaska, that being Stoney River Lodge. This Alaska Fishing Lodge is perfectly located near some great fishing that boasts such catch as Grayling, Artic Char, Salmon, Sheefish, Rainbow and Lake Trout. It even has some tremendous Northern Pike for anglers to catch.

Stoney River Lodge is located 230 miles to the West of Anchorage, Alaska and access is strictly by bush aircraft. The flight is a short hour and forty-five minutes to this family owned and operated establishment. The closet neighbor to this Alaska Fishing Lodge is about twenty miles. The remoteness of Stoney River Lodge should give you an idea of the unspoiled fishing that awaits you.

The lodge has been around since 1972 and has a full service, professional guide available to help anglers bring home “the big one”. There are boats available and you have the option of bringing your own tackle or have them outfit you on arrival. If you enjoy fly-fishing, then take note that this area is an outstanding choice for your Alaska fishing vacation.

Log cabins that include daily housekeeping, full private baths, a spacious lounge deck with a wonderful lake view and a friendly staff make this stay enjoyable when you are not fishing. In fact, Stoney River Lodge offers Bed and Breakfast accommodations for those who wish to enjoy more of what Alaska has to offer.

Make sure you schedule time for some sightseeing, by utilizing the “flight-seeing” tours. Bear can often be seen and of course other tremendous sights of nature. You may even spot moose, caribou, or sheep. This combined with the Bed and Breakfast accommodations makes Stoney River Lodge a great retreat for the fisherman/woman and their non-fishing spouse.

If you would like to add this Alaska Fishing Lodge to your next fishing adventure, keep in mind the proper fishing times. Even numbered years for mid-June through the end of June will be for Pink Salmon. June trough July are the months for Lake Trout and Sheefish. If you are into Northern Pike, then June through September are the months to visit. Mid-June through mid-September will find Artic Grayling, Artic Char. Alaska’s King Salmon will be found the first through the middle of July, with Tiger Salmon in July and August. Sockeye Salmon will be around the middle of July, followed by Rainbow Trout the later part of July through the middle of September. The season wraps up with Silver Salmon mid-August.

Alaska Fishing Lodge - Silver Salmon Creek Lodge

When you visit Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, you will be experiencing natures artwork at its best. The Alaskan wilderness is truly here and can be seen all around in the wildlife and landscape. The coastline here offers a wide variety of picturesque moments. From the mountains to the salt-water bays, from the streams to the marshes comes a sense of Alaska.

This is an experienced Alaska Fishing Lodge, with the same management for twenty-four years. It’s Fly In Fishing at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, which is located in Lake Clark National Park. This is on the western shore of Cook Inlet, which is known for some spectacular fishing. This is a full service Alaska Fishing Vacation, with many features that will have you planning many return trips.

You have your choice of housekeeping cabins or tent camping if prefer an outdoor experience. Fully catered fishing trips let you focus on the fish, not the meal. Speaking of meals, there is plenty of local seafood on the menu that includes halibut, salmon, clams, and muscles. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge also grows their own fresh greens and herbs, so you can count on a fresh meal from start to finish.

When fishing, you will find an abundance of fish species to choose from. Salmon, of course, is the word, with five species available in the area. There are also Halibut, Dolly Varden, and even Rainbow Trout in the streams, marshes, and bay. It is not uncommon to see bear when visiting, so also keep a camera handy.

There is so much to see here, that you will want to plan on one of the three, five, and seven-day packages. This way you can fit in some or all of the other things to do, like sea kayaking, fossil exploring, Puffin viewing, and clam digging. These side adventures help to round out a wonderful trip. If you have never kayaked before, Silver Salmon Creek Lodge offers instruction, so you can get on the water and see Alaska from a perfect vantage point.

It is easy to see why this is a full service lodge. So many things to do that will please the fisherman and non-fisherman alike. So if you are considering a Fishing Trip to Alaska, to a great Alaska Fishing Lodge, then this is a great place to start. At Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, you will find plenty to do while you relax.

Dean Carl has many family members that travel to Alaska to vacation in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a wonderful variety of fishing. His wish is that everyone would experience the thrill of an fishing trip at an Alaska Fishing Lodge.

Alaska Fishing Lodge - Fishermen's Inn

When it comes to an Alaska Fishing Lodge, Fishermen’s Inn is truly for the outdoorsman in all of us. Flight seeing, hiking in some of Alaska’s finest and remote scenery, and a large variety of fishing is waiting for the visitor to Fishermen’s Inn. Fly-fishing in particular is a big part of the experience, as there are wilderness lakes and wild streams that are made available by Forest Service Special Permit.

For thirty years Fishermen’s Inn has treated its visitors to it’s own special blend of hospitality. Fresh cooked meals, Select Comfort beds, covered decks, washer and dryer, satellite TV, a hot tub, fishing license, and even fishing gear are included. What is hard to believe is that this all comes from a remote location with no roads. You are flown in from Sitka, Alaska, on a 45-minute flight to Fishermen’s Inn Port Alexander. When you arrive, life in the city dissolves, as you begin to enjoy a variety of fishing. Rainbow and cutthroat trout, salmon, and other types of fishing are all available. No matter if you are wishing to do some fly-fishing or enjoy saltwater fishing, it is available from one location at this Alaska Fishing Lodge.

If you wish to do some saltwater fishing, guided tours with Chatam Strait Charters can line up a great trip for you. Halibut, salmon, lingcod, and rockfish are some of the fishing you can enjoy. A nice feature to this trip is that the first 100 pounds of fish you catch will be processed, vacuum-packed, frozen, and boxed for you to take home. If you happen to catch more, you can take that home too for a nominal fee.

If you wish to experience more of the outdoors, there are 2-person kayaks for you to use. The lagoon at Fishermen’s Inn provides some excellent scenery and wildlife abounds for the camera buff. As mentioned, Fishermen’s Inn has Special Use Permits from the US Forest Service and that opens the opportunity for you to go places filled with fish. Even better are the streams and lakes you can access with this permit, that allow you to see parts of Alaska that you normally might see in books or movies. It is all part of the charm of having no road access.

Starting with the floatplane trip and through the extent of your stay, Fishermen’s Inn provides you an Alaska Fishing Lodge trip you will never forget. Just pack your clothes and camera, because the rest is all part of the package. Alaska, as it was meant to be experienced.

Alaska Fishing - Few Places in the World Can Top Alaska Fishing

By Jimmy Harris

Alaska fishing is obviously something that every avid fisherman wants to experience at least once in their lifetime. Everybody knows about all the things to do in Alaska-mountain climbing, rock climbing, repelling, hiking, etc.

Anything outdoors is fair game. Fortunately for fisherman, fishing is at the top of that list.
So what should you do before getting started on your Alaska fishing trip? First, and most importantly, plan on what kind of fish you will be targeting, so that you know where to go.

So many fisherman just here about fishing spots someplace in Alaska, and book their trip without even considering the kind of fish to go after. Preferably, go after a type you've had experience with in the past, as you have the greatest chance of success. Once you've determined this, then find the best place to fish for them in Alaska.

There are a ton of fishing lodges in Alaska, and with almost all of them, you can reserve them right online, and in addition, if you go with a large group, you will save even more money. I'd recommend you find 5-10 of your fishing friends and go with them, because you can get a better deal then going by yourself or with several others.

Another thing I'd highly recommend, especially if you've never gone Alaska fishing, is hiring a guide to show you the hot spots, particularly if you are on a large body of water. The smaller ones, there's really no point, but if you plan on deep sea fishing, a fishing guide is essential.

Why waste time searching for an active fishing location when your guide can get you there immediately? You probably only have a short time here anyway, so don't spend your whole time looking for the right fishing spot you want to spend it fishing!

Be sure to plan your trip in the season that the fish you are targeting is most prevalent. If you go during the wrong season, you won't enjoy success.

Again, sounds obvious, right? However, many fisherman don't take the time to simply ask when the fish they'd like to target will be available, and as a result don't catch many fish.

The bottom line is, if you are an active fisherman, then Alaska Fishing is something you need to do at least once before you die. Hopefully this guide will wet your appetite.
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